Top 10 Cheesy Facts

  1. Cheese existed before written language did.
  2. The largest cheese ever produced weighed in at 26089.726 kg and was over 32ft long. That’s almost 5 Lebron James’.
  3. Our beloved cheese was actually an accidental discovery. Over 4000 years ago, milk was stored in containers made from the stomach of animals. Rennet, an enzyme produced in the stomachs of ruminant mammals (sheep, goat, cattle. etc), caused the milk to coagulate, separating into whey and curds.
  4. Think you eat a lot of cheese? The people of Denmark probably eat more. They have the highest consumption of cheese out of every country; consuming and average of 28.1kg per person. This is closely followed by Iceland at 27.7 kg and Finland at 27.3 kg.
  5. A seller of cheese is called a ‘cheesemonger’.
  6. Tyrosemiophilia is the hobby of collecting cheese labels. Currently the world’s largest collection consists of 227,703 label designs.
  7. On her wedding day, queen Victoria was given a giant wheel of cheese weighing 1000 pounds (453.5kg).
  8. A Wisconsin law used to require restaurants to serve cheese with every meal. Oh, what a time to be alive.
  9. The oldest edible cheese was recently sold and had been ageing in a cooler for almost 40 years. However, consumers were warned to only eat in very small doses…
  10. Cheese lovers’ are also known as Turophiles, so if you’re looking for a new title…