Portsmouth Distillery

Our fabulous Portsmouth Dry Gin was created after we moved into the ancient monument of Fort Cumberland and discovered that there were several very exciting botanicals growing on site. After several different combinations, each with the local botanicals and other more usual gin flora, we settled on the recipe for Fort Gin. It is an exquisite blend of key botanicals, the three growing locally and in the gin are Elderflower, Gorse Flower and Sea Radish. This intricate mix gives a rich full flavour, with a lovely floral bouquet. It is silky smooth on the palate leaving you with a warmth as you swallow.

Fort Cumberland is located on the southeastern corner of Portsea Island on the shingle spit known as Eastney Point. It was built to control the entrance to Langstone Harbour to the east, and to improve the defenses of Portsmouth Dockyard to the west.

The significance of Eastney Point as a defensive outpost was well recognised as early as 1716 when an earthwork battery was built on the site to defend Langstone Harbour. In the mid 1740s, following the Jacobite rebellion, the threat of a French invasion was very much in the mind of William Augustus, the 2nd son of George II and Duke of Cumberland.

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