Thunderflower Gin

Thunderflower gin was launched in 2018 and is distilled in-house at Thunderflower Distillery in Teignmouth.  Lovingly crafted in small-batches our gin is a wonderfully smooth true London Dry with a complex flavour profile.

Thunderflower Gin is made in a traditional ‘one-shot’ pot-still distillation run, with botanical flavours extracted by vapour infusion only.  Only the best cut makes it to the bottle with nothing added to the final spirit except distilled spring water.   The Gin is allowed to ‘polish’ for a week to maximise the flavour before being filtered and bottled.
The result is a unique Dry Gin that finds juniper in balance with spice and earth notes of our botanical selection, with a 42% ABV.

We came up with the name Thunderflower whilst doing research for local gin botanicals.  We came across an old Dartmoor legend that the little white stonecrop flowers that sometimes grew on thatched cottage roofs could ward off both lightning and witchcraft and we though these were fine qualities for a drink to possess. Thus Thunderflower was born.
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